Diet for Hyperthyroidism


Diet for Hyperthyroidism

According recent researches 13 million Americans have a thyroid disorder and more than half of them are not aware of it. Twenty million people worldwide suffer from Hyperthyroidism and for 80% of them it is caused by Graves’ Disease.

One of the most important factors when treating Graves’ Disease or Hyperthyroidism with alternative methods is the Hyperthyroidism Diet.

Hyperthyroidism diet is not everything but counts for about 25% of whole healing process, to my personal opinion. I’ve been asked many times if Graves’ Disease patients have to avoid iodine rich foods. My answer is yes. Why to give your body something that it has already in excess? However, don’t go crazy about this- it’s not necessary.

Moderation is the key, plus, only hyperthyroidism diet will not cure you overnight, I guarantee you.

The following page provides a simple hyperthyroidism diet plan and also gives the iodine content in some foods.

Since the onset of Graves’ Disease is a combination of factors, one of them certainly is our nutritional habits. A lot of people are concerned about what they should eat and not eat, what diet they should follow, especially when it is known that the iodine content affects the overproduction of thyroid hormones in your body. It is highly recommended by doctors and endocrinologist if you have hyperthyroidism or Graves’ Disease to avoid foods that have a high iodine content.


This is a list of some of the foods with their iodine content to help you determine what to include in your hyperthyroidism diet/ Graves’ Disease diet and what not:

1 SALT Iodized 54  
2 Seasoned 40
3 Sun-evaporated 30
4 Unionized 19
5 DRINKING WATER (US average) 8
7 Kelp 1,020
8 Squid 39
9 Crab 33
10 Sole 24
11 Clams 20
12 Shrimp 17
13 Shark 15
14 Sea bass 13
15 Lobster 9
16 Oysters 8
17 Red Snapper 7
18 Beef liver 325  
19 Turkey 132  
20 Chicken 67  
21 Stew meat 66  
22 Hamburger 44  

Some of the vegetables are also rich in iodine:

32 Asparagus 169
33 Broccoli 90
34 Onion (white) 82
35 Corn 45
36 Brussels sprouts 23
37 Peas 13
38 Tomatoes 10
39 Potato (Idaho) 9
40 Carrots 8
41 Green beans 7
42 Spinach 7
43 Okra 4

If you would like to share also a diet, or you have a method that helped you, please, send me an email and I’ll make sure that it will reach other people suffering from Graves’ Disease

Also my personal recommendation is to avoid fast food, over- processed food and try to include in your Hyperthyroidism Diet as much raw food as possible. The reason is that the raw vegetables and fruits contain a lot of vitamins and minerals which helps our immune system to recover, especially if you have condition like Graves’ Disease.

There are a few things that need to be taken into consideration when determining a diet for hyperthyroidism:

1. Hamburger Thyrotoxicosis– Thyroid hormones are orally active, which means that consumption of thyroid gland tissue can cause thyrotoxicosis, a type of hyperthyroidism. Several outbreaks of thyrotoxicosis have been attributed to a practice, now banned in the US, called “gullet trimming”, where meat in the neck region of slaughtered animals is ground into hamburger. Because thyroid glands are reddish in color and located in the neck, it’s not unusual for gullet trimmers to get thyroid glands into hamburger or sausage. People that eat such hamburger can get dose of thyroid hormone sufficient to induce disease.

2. Avoid Aspartame. Aspartame is the technical name for the brand names NutraSweet,  Equal, Spoonful, and Equal-Measure. It was discovered by accident in 1965 when James Schlatter, a chemist of G.D. Searle Company, was testing an anti-ulcer drug. But avoiding that one only can safe you a lot of health troubles, trust me!

I often receive emails from women, asking about this aspartame- the artificial sweetener usually used in diet coke and other products. I know we are often concerned about our weight and there is a steady tendency of substituting regular white sugar with artificial sweeteners. I personally, never did that. Partially because never had weight problems, and partially because I just don’t like the taste of the artificial sweetener.

The exact mechanism of acute reactions to excess free glutamate and aspartame is currently being debated. As reported to the FDA, those reactions include:(5)

     * Headaches/migraines

    * Nausea

    * Abdominal pains

    * Fatigue (blocks sufficient glucose entry into brain)

    * Sleep problems

    * Vision problems

    * Anxiety attacks

    * Depression

    * Asthma/chest tightness.

3. Avoid drinking Diet Coke or any other diet products, if you suffer from Hyperthyroidism– they cause more harm than benefits, because of the chemicals and artificial substances in it. As this is a chemical substance, the body doesn’t know how to process it and stores it in the system..How good is that for you?

In general about Hyperthyroidism diet- keep it simple, go green- as much as you can, avoid chemicals and don’t freak out about iodine!

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