Psychological Anatomy of Thyroid Disorders- revealed.


Svetla BankovaDo you know that you that your mind can heal your thyroid? Do you know that your body reads your mind and acts accordingly? If it can create a disease, it can create a healing as well…

When I first wrote Life Manual for Graves’ disease and Hyperthyroidism”, I knew that I carried an important message of hope. I had no idea though that it would change the lives of so many people who suffer from thyroid disorders.

I wrote about my own journey of recovering from Graves’ disease and what I have found helpful in this recovery process. But my first book, and the others 6 books that followed, did not cover in details very important aspects: the mental, psychological and emotional and how these aspects relate to your thyroid disorder. The reason: I wasn’t fully prepared to include this information yet. I had the parts of the puzzle, but I didn’t know how to put them together.

I knew that my thyroid disorder was not only about what I eat, drink or hormone imbalance. It appeared in my life on purpose, which I was about to discover. But I did not have the complete theoretical explanation behind my findings. Then, I started to receive numerous emails from clients and their personal stories. They all confirmed what I already intuitively knew, i.e. I personally have created the illness and I can create the healing as well. This Thyroid disorders bookis how the idea about “Mental, Emotional and Psychological Aspects of Thyroid Disorders” book was born.

The stories, included in the book, confirmed my own findings that thyroid disorders are, to a large extend, mind-body disorders, meaning that your mind (conscious and subconscious) plays a big role in the onset of your thyroid disorder. And not only plays, but also is responsible for its manifestation, which means: this mind of yours can also heal your thyroid disorder!

The intention of this book is also to deal with the aspects of thyroid disorders that practically nobody talks about: the mental, the emotional, and psychological aspects from all different points of view you can imagine and accordingly, to pave your path of healing!

I have to admit: writing this book wasn’t an easy process. It took me almost a year to write it and to prove in what I believe and what I have discovered about thyroid disorders. I have to also scientifically prove that I am right and this is not just my imagination. I had my doubts, nights and days: am I saying it right, will I be able to convey my message, will you get my point? I dearly hope that you will…

But let me tell you a short story first: In 1930’s, Antonio Egas Moniz, a Portuguese neurologist claimed that he discovered the best treatment for mental illness, specifically for patients diagnosed with anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia. He proposed a surgical procedure, called prefrontal lobotomy, which actually consisted of cutting an individual’s head with a surgical instrument and separating the prefrontal cortex from the rest of the brain. That psychosurgery made patients docile, but they were considered cured of some of their symptoms like delusions and hallucinations. 40 000 people were treated for 40 years with this method, only in the USA, not to mention the numbers in Europe. In 1949,  Antonio Egas Moniz and Walter Rudolf Hess (his biggest supporter in the USA) were rewarded with a shared Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine.

Why am I telling you this story in a book about thyroid disorders?

Mainly, to make a point and parallel with the only available treatments today for thyroid disorders: thyroid surgery (total thyroidectomy), RAI (Radioactive Iodine treatment), and aggressive thyroid medication. Today’s thyroid doctors, very much like their above colleagues from eighty years ago, claim that these procedures are the only “scientifically proven” methods of treatment of thyroid disorders and vigorously push patients into them every day. Specifically, the twenty million people only in the USA that are and will be diagnosed with thyroid disorder at some point of their lives. On a majority of them a vital organ like the thyroid will be taken out or destroyed, and they’ll be left out with a set of other symptoms, for life.

I am asking the million dollar question: What if this is not right?

Is it possible that this is not the truth or not the whole truth? Is it possible that there are other options and methods that should be taken into consideration when treating thyroid disorders? Is it possible that your body can heal itself? Is it possible that your mind can set the grounds for your disease and accordingly to be able to help its healing?

Is it possible that…? What if…?

The book you are about to read is a very controversial one, I am aware of that fact. But this book, I hope, will answer the above questions and more… It will make you think differently!

Even if one sentence in this book moves you and makes you ask yourself the question “What if she is right?”, I have done my job. 

This is some of the information that you’ll find in this 230 pages book: (parts of the contents of the book, summarized)

 …..We are a spirit, we have souls, and we live in bodies. Your body map and how you should read it. Biology of Thyroid Axis. Thyroid function revealed. The crazy world of Thyroid Disorders. 

 My story about Graves’ disease and Hyperthyroidism…Four other genuine stories from clients worth reading. 

 Rethinking thyroid disorders. Thyroid and Emotional Health. Can unhappiness make you sick?

 Psychosomatic Medicine.Psychological observations on thyroid patients. 

 The Hierarchy of Needs Theory. The Neo- Reichian Theory. Prof. Waldo Benaskoni’s Hierarchy of Needs. Are your personal needs met? The Theory of Five Movements. 

 The concept of Self- Esteem, Self- Confidence and Self- Love for the onset of Thyroid Disorders. Thyroid Disorders-A Missed Call for Love? The Role of Self- Love in Thyroid Disorders. 

 23 Possible Signs of Unhealthy Self- Esteem and its connection to thyroid disorders.Where does high self-esteem come from? The Impostor Phenomenon in Thyroid patients. 

 5 Personality Traits and people suffering from thyroid disorders. Practical Self-Analysis and Reflection.

√ The Anatomy of Emotions. Neurology, Stress and Thyroid Disorders. Stress as one of the causes of thyroid disorders. Anatomy of Stress and its connection to thyroid disorders. Traumatic and stressful events that can trigger thyroid disorder. 

 Thyroid Disorders: Destiny, Choice or Free Will?

 Mental Aspects of Thyroid Disorders. Mental and emotional aspects of Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism. Mental Disorders, associated with thyroid disorders- depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder etc. 

 Thyroid Disorders as Life Transitions.

 Healing Thyroid Disorders with Eastern Medicine methods. 18 General Characteristics of Alternative and Complementary methods. Why I owe to Eastern medicine my healing?

 24 Alternative and Complementary Methods, worth trying. 

 Psychological self-test for people with Thyroid disorders. 4 most important psychological questions for people suffering from thyroid disorders. 

 Exercises (many): Advantages and Disadvantages making changes in your Life. Three psychological strategies to manage stress. 

 How should you use this book? 5 specific Self-help steps.

 5 Methods to improve your Self-esteem and to deal with the Impostor Phenomenon. 

 25 additional life- recommendations from a person who has been in your shoes. 

 40 Simple things you can do to improve your life right now.

 Declaration of Imperfection. Bill of Rights of Thyroid Patient (my version!).

 This is just a part of the whole book you are about to read. There is much, much more and I dearly hope that this book will pave your path to recovery from your thyroid disorder.

So far, this is the book of my life. I’ve combined all my knowledge and personal experience as body psychotherapist, patient, and counselor.

I’m in my 11-th year of “remission”, so I know what I am talking about.

I put my heart in this book with the only intention that it will help you in your healing journey from your thyroid disorder.

P.S. It is good for people suffering from Graves’ Disease, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s disease, thyroid nodules etc.

This book will change your mind. It will change how you think about your thyroid. It will, finally, change your destiny, believe it or not.

Money guaranteeBut if it doesn’t and you decide that this is not “your book” after you finish the last page, you’ll receive your money back, my 100% guarantee. No questions asked, as always. You lose nothing. The ebook also comes with 10 bonus ebooks (not listed here) that will help your healing. Enjoy!

“Mental, Emotional and Psychological Aspects of Thyroid Disorders” Ebook: $24.95

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