TSH Levels. A Story by Barbara Oczachowski

Cover: by Eva Razborek, Slovenia
Cover: by Eva Razborek, Slovenia

A Story by Barbara Oczachowski

My story is short. I was diagnosed about 3 years ago, my thyroid doctor on the first visit and any after told me, that my option will be to burn my whole thyroid function and be on the pill for the rest of my life. I was very disappointed and I didn’t want to believe this could happen.

First two years I listened to my doctor advice and took Tapazole, when he increased my dose to 15 mg/daily I didn’t fill good at all.  I gained a lot of weight so I decreased it my self to 10 mg and after 6 months to 5 mg again. Finally, I felt that I didn’t need it any more so I stopped it’s been 3 weeks now & I fill ok.

I have seen my doctor every 6 months, every time he would say that if this does not help, we will burn it, he was not optimistic at all and didn’t give me any hope to recover.

I was not ready for burring my thyroid at all.

Well, after a while I told him what I was doing on my own. He was surprised that my T4 and T3 are good now, just TSH levels are still not good. The TSH levels were 0.17, but they were at 0.05 just 2 months ago.

So, my doctor said the disease may come back if I do not take pills but told me to wait and do another test after 30 days. I’m waiting and hopping I will be all right and would not need the Tapazole any more. I think even if I take it for a longer period of time, the 5 mg it may cure me totally, even though my doctor said at least 7.5 mg. Well, I will listen to my own body and see; it may cure itself too without it.

I try to eat whole foods and avoid sodium in it, I take 2 herbal calming pills before I go to bed to help me to sleep better. But I also think that maybe calming my body is helping the thyroid too. I try to avoid stress.

I got the thyroid problem I think after some kind of flu that I got while traveling to Asia in the airport in Japan, I was coughing & choking at the same time for whole 2 months after that. I took some antibiotics for it, which were not helping at all, but rather making me weak.

Airports and air planes are full of germs; every time I traveled I got sick before too.

My family doctor sent me to a bunch of nuclear tests which were not needed before I had the chance to see the specialist. These were not needed especially when I had to swallow the radioactive pill and be under radiation, which was not necessary at all. Please Svetla, tell people to go first to the specialist and then see what needs to be done. That extra radiation was not needed at all, try to avoid not necessary exposure to x-rays- radiation.

I also liked the sea food, the doctor didn’t tell me to avoid it, but I eat now only a fish preferably from lakes, a lot of mangos that are supposed to be good for my thyroid.

Barbara Oczachowski